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Megaflo has twice the inflow capacity and drains water 60% faster than standard 100 mm slotted round pipe.

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    Good road drainage is essential to maintain roads at optimal performance levels. The Megaflo drainage system is a cheaper alternative to French drains, which use scarce natural resources. Megaflo halves the installation time required for traditional methods of road drainage making it ideal for projects with tight construction deadlines. The Megaflo drainage system requires only a narrow trench so installation costs are significantly reduced. Because of its stiff structure and high flow velocity there is also less risk of siltation.

    Megaflo is supported by our SuDDS software which allows users to design road edge and road pavement drainage systems using the Megaflo drainage system. The software allows for local soils and weather conditions and provides users with PDF design files and drawings as well as details of installation cost savings.

    Megaflo is an accepted road edge drainage solution by AustRoads and regional road authorities.

    Shotcrete Walls, Retaining Structures & Tunnels

    Structures located below the water table may become unstable over time. Megaflo provides reliable drainage for construction projects like shotcrete walls and tunnels thanks to its open core and nonwoven geotextile wrap.

    For structural retaining walls Megaflo can be used to drain ground water and release hydraulic pressure behind the wall.

    Tailings Dams

    Megaflo is widely used in tailings dam drainage applications because of its high compressive strength under normal and inclined loads. It is resistant to leachates present in dam operations and allows for safe gas and leachate drainage even under extreme loading pressures.

    Megaflo Ultra, is a very high strength Megaflo product, designed for use under excessive loads, such as very deep tailings dams. Megaflo Ultra is supported by FEM modelling to prove it can withstand the applied loads.


    – Megaflo is manufactured in Australia allowing full tracebility of every roll, while supporting local communities.

    -Its narrow width makes it easy to install and is stiff in the vertical axis.

    -Installation equipment can be supplied to ensure for a safe and rapid installation process.

    -Megaflo is supported by testing, design software, installation equipment and local stock holdings, as well as thousands of kilometres of installation over the past decade.

    -The Megaflo system’s design simplifies the installation process, significantly reducing costs.

    -Megaflo has a high crush resistance and an unmatched drainage response time.

    -Megaflo complies with local road, rail and landfill specifications.


    Megaflo is supplied in rolls and is dispensed into the trench followed by the backfill which can be a well graded gravel or sand.


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